Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Deep Blue Ver 2: Morn'g, Mister Alpha Geek Dervish: Morn'g! Deep Blue Ver 2 -- Fire up an E-mail Message to My Mentor's Offline-Email-Reader: Mentor She's Sanskrit Poetry Doodling Eyes On Second Thoughts. Revert back quickly Mentor Troubling Creature Island Magnus Rolling Sleeves Matter Comming Happenning No matter still bankruptcy coming happening quickly slowly slowly strolling for tea Mentor sending incognito celelestial hieracy member unarmed close quarter combat mode only peace keeping force like my Indian Peace Keeping Force No no not Sinhala problem coming all TT zombie becoming rest canada migration canada red card taking going mentor very embarrassing moments coming -- Mentor Calling Her Shloka -- Oxford dictionary also approcving no no not name this word but variant spelling gicing giving sloka so me calling her She's someone who doodles Shlokas with her eyes in the nooky corners of the deep blue skywriting walls of the grafitti sky starry moony loony sumthng sumthng u approving or not mentor sorry msg exceeding total # of char limit ur XT AT SUpercomputer giving me prerogative thnak you programmer miss main frame bugtrap telling on my behalf mentor okay happy mentor little little not unhappy vibes coming but overall happy mentor novajo archangel also telling morning mentor on my behalf thank you revert back mentor my systms infiltrtion logs chkdsk putting on upload mode on my abort resume dw manager not confusing with slova de ashram desi version mentor low decimel mode listening to babu bhole bhale song mentor china speaker costeffective buying laterz and blaring mode decibel listening fingers keeping cross no no mentor not going to churn a suitale boy vikram seth saheb out of context novel quoting speed prince not telling not telling thank you mentor HoneyNets and HoneyPots Activating Mentors BOT Lurkers. Novajo, Mentor. Close All Open Ports DBV2 Resave new ACL rules set in Temp Buffer Merci

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