Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Countering Social Engineering...

Don't thwart or block 'em point-blank -- Let 'em Social Engineer you a wee bit -- Interact with 'em -- Give 'em bait -- Give 'em just a mouthful of declassified information --That's how you're going to find out what they really want -- What they're really after -- What kind of information they'd like to con out of you -- fox out of you -- You'd Counter Social Engineer 'em -- You'd outfox 'em -- You'd outmanipulate 'em -- You'd outmaneuver 'em -- There're bound to be flaws in their strategy -- There're always human errors -- There're always loopholes -- There're always vulnerabilities -- Watch out for that little, unnoticed inconsistency in their sob story -- discrepancies -- It's inevitable -- And, in person - watch out for Body Language.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some unanswered questions...

I've schizophrenia -- I'm of below average intelligence -- A Lilliputian -- A pygmy -- A totally insignificant individual -- A retarded person -- Why'd someone be interested in me eh? -- Do I have retrograde / anterograde amnesia? -- Or some extremely rare memory disorder? -- Have I become a subject of some serious scientific study? -- A guinea pig? -- Don't you need my consent or anything like that? -- Isn't this a colossal and blatant violation of my fundamental right(s)? -- Human rights? -- Am I in an open prison / jail? -- Have my constitutional rights been stripped? -- Is this an unprecedented case of rehabilitation? -- An open-air, round the clock psychiatric care? -- The general public actively participates in my reform? -- I believe some exceptionally intelligent people with an exhaustive know-how of human psychology are after me -- I'm glad that they're not goons -- They've got strong ethics -- And, a munsif like - judge like sense of fairness -- And, ironically a great sense of humor -- They're genuinely humane too -- And, they're incredibly resource-rich, well-coordinated and have a robust communications backbone    -- And, formidably savvy about computers -- Nevertheless, I'm glad that I'm not in a draconian country like Saudi Arabia -- My limbs would've been amputated by now -- or I might've been castrated -- I believe some serious, large-scale PSYOP / black op is going on -- at least since that cybercaf√© incident -- I don't know when'd all this end? -- When I'd possibly reclaim my life? -- When I'd possibly resume nonpublic, anonymous and most importantly real life? -- One last question: Am I being reprogrammed? -- Is that possible eh? -- Is my memory being deliberately erased? -- What's that thingy that emits roach-like chirping noise when I go to sleep? -- Is it in my pillow? -- I can't change anything -- It's beyond my mortal power -- I can't live by the rules of Pulling Your Own Strings anymore -- My life has been hijacked -- I've been placed in a virtual straitjacket -- And, I just can't wriggle myself out of it -- I'm utterly powerless -- This is my destiny -- Meanwhile, I'd sit back -- Have a ciggy and a cup of ginger tea! :-)


I've schizophrenia -- My delusion is that I believe quite obstinately that EVERYTHING is STAGE-MANAGED -- And, I get DOCTORED information -- All interactions and events are PSEUDO -- My world is full of decoy ducks and snitchers -- It's fairly discreet and inconspicuous puppetry -- Someone is pulling my strings -- I don't know: Who? and, Why? -- Something to do with my amnesia thingy? I'm dim-witted -- I don't understand its purpose -- it's all Greek to me.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Please buy me THIS on my forty-fifth B'day -- IF I don't conk out by then! LOL

Please buy me THIS on my forty-fifth B'day -- IF I don't conk out by then! LOL

Monday, May 13, 2013

My amnesia thingy...

Maybe this is my delusion but I think everybody is trying very hard to fix my amnesia thingy.

Show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T...

Something is colossally and abysmally wrong with us -- We don't respect our law enforcement officers -- We mock 'em -- Okay, some of 'em are bad and derelicts -- But most of 'em are sincere, unimpeachable and duty-bound -- We need awareness / education at the grass-roots level -- This has to change -- We need to respect men and women who protect us in times of peace and in times of distress -- I believe they're very lenient.


In the ultimate analysis: God is the most perfect playwright. He creates perfect characters.

Friday, May 10, 2013

God is with the meek...

In the ultimate analysis: It's your karma -- God's retribution is imperceptible but inevitable -- You'd ostracize me -- You'd treat me like a doormat -- You'd disacknowledge me -- You'd gang up against me -- You'd persecute me -- But you couldn't be uncursed and you remain unforgiven -- God's wrath is unsparing and unrelenting -- You'd be held accountable -- now and in the hereafter. God is with the meek.

At least -- we're not gouging eyes out like the Saudi Arabians!

In the medieval times -- in India: The untouchables were punished for attempting self-education. In Saudi Arabia: Praying is compulsory. Violators are punished. Mutaween / religious police (comprising mostly of ex-convicts!) use flogging.
I believe we'd do the exact opposite: Autodidacticism should be made mandatory. Violators should be penalized. At least -- we're not gouging eyes out like the Saudi Arabians!

I just do intellectual regurgitation...It's the worst kind of euthanasia...

I'm not a thinker like Edward de Bono -- I just do intellectual regurgitation -- I believe mercy killing is of two kinds: One that kills your body and another that kills your spirit. Doctors do the first kind; and your family does the second one. It's the worst kind of euthanasia.


He doesn't need offspring. He needs bondslave. She served him like a bondslave for decades. I'm a freeman; and am antislavery; and was born in a liberated country. I'm bonded labor abolitionist.

Ignorance is not bliss...It's an irreversible intellectual coma...

Ignorance is not bliss; it's an incurable disease. It's cancerous. It's an irreversible intellectual coma. There's no cure for it except euthanasia. Most people spend their entire lifetime in utter, chaotic and bloody ignorance--and die bloody ignorant. Live and die believing in malicious falsehood.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Off the console hacking: Hypothetical scenarios / theories...

Off the console hacking: Hypothetical scenarios / theories:
1. A semiliterate sex worker / call girl could be 'used' as a decoy to 'seduce' -- 'social engineer' the techie at the ISP / E-mail Service Provider / Phone Provider / Instant Messaging Provider into divulging your target's online / phone history.
2. Housemaids, drivers etc. could be coerced -- bribed -- persuaded to deploy (Wireless) hardware or software keyloggers / Mobile Phone Spy Software / (Wireless) Spy camera.

You get HACKED primarily in SEVEN ways...

You get HACKED primarily in SEVEN ways:

1. If your E-mail Service Provider is hacked.
2. If your ISP is hacked.
3. If your Instant Messaging Provider (or Instant messaging app) is hacked.
4. If your Personal computer(s) is hacked.
5. If your communications are intercepted.
6. If people you interact with are hacked.
7. Undetectable, purpose-built RAT (remote access Trojan).
This is how you'd PROTECT yourself:
1. Sign up for Gmail and Opt for Gmail's 2-step verification / Two-factor authentication
2. Pick a big ISP. Avoid local cable Internet providers.
3. Secure Instant messaging like Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging.
4. Install ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall PLUS Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
5. Use Hotspot Shield free VPN
6. Watch out for online impersonation.
7. Boot your computer every time with a bootable Ubuntu USB stick -- for instance. Yep, it's cumbersome but thwarts undetectable, purpose-built RATs (remote access Trojans).

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Does he feel any remorse? No.

I never wanted him to love me -- I wanted him to love her -- not to victimize her -- not to treat her like a slave -- a relationship totally and absolutely free of emotional abuse -- but that never happened -- she lived and died unrespected -- unloved -- unacknowledged. Barring last few years -- her entire life was spent in utter, dire, abject poverty and unspeakable anguish. Does he feel any remorse? No.
I never wanted him to be heroic or an idealist or something like that -- but just humane. Uncruel.
I never wanted him to be self-abnegating but just fair.


I've schizophrenia -- I don't know what's real -- what's pseudo -- what's stage-managed -- the dividing line between reality and falsity gets blurred -- I live in perpetual, colossal and abysmal despair -- it hurts -- it's like self-flagellation. I'd neither celebrate nor mourn -- because I don't know if what's happening is something hallucinative or factualistic; stage-managed or real.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The skill to hack is a curse; whenever I hacked my girlfriend(s) I found her having an affair with someone else. Hacking wasn't illegal at that time. I never found a faithful girl in my forty years. You just can't find any -- because there're almost nonexistent.