Thursday, January 30, 2014

My friends. Your friends?

My friends are rag-pickers..rickshaw drivers..watchmen..sweepers..beggars...destitutes...shack people...intellectually-challenged people...drunks..etc...blah-blah-blah...

My question is: Who're your friends eh? :-) 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

(applicable world-wide): resolutions

0. community work for minor offences like street sweeping -- rag picking etc.

1. pedophiles

2. dowry

3. red tape

4. sex workers

5. child labor

6. public toilets

7. abuse in jails and hostels

8. unemployment

9. public transportation

10. sport bikes

11. minors driving / driving on main roads

12. victimization in schools and colleges

13. govt. hospitals

14.emirates like proxy (passwords for adults)

15. tap water is not for drinking

16. electricity water internet radio telly in each and every village town district

17. internet / computer kiosks

18. free wi-fi (sponsored)

19. no donation is school or colleges

20. ridicule of religious deities of any religion is an extremely serious offence

21 inverted tree hierarchy: VVIP is the common man -- Z security for common man first then for mantris and babus

22. khap panchayats

23. alcholism

24 tobacco

25 stray dogs

26 cow slaughter

27 mujras / nautch girls

28 foot bridges / manned zebra crossings

23 cyber stalking / misuse of social media / sms / mms etc to harass women / girls

Resolutions # 2

1. No raunchy songs or pulp literature

2. Respect for eunuch community

3. domestic violence should be dealt severely

4. Nobody dies / gets injured in traffic accidents

5. Do NOT give cancer to traffic cops

6. Martial Arts in every school for girls and boys...

7. Food and educational toys uniform shoes etc for school kids

Some new year resolutions...

#1. Castrate men / boys who harass women / girls...

#2. Rehabilitate Visually-Impaired -- women first

#3. Rehabilitate specially-challenged -- women first

#4 No nudity in media or entertainment industry -- women are NOT sex objects.

#5. Automate sewerage work(s) -- DO NOT treat fellow humans as filthy pigs and swine

#6 No women (manual) laborers or bus conductors etc.

Forgiveness is a trait of The AlMighty God

Apologize..EVEN when you're NOT wrong...

PeaceMaking...No aggression

Stone is every religion..

Forgiveness is a NOBLE ATTRIBUTE / TRAIT....

Who's is Shiv? What does He want us to do?

Who's is Shiv? What does He want us to do?

In the ultimate analysis: Idealism Alone Triumphs.

In the ultimate analysis: Humility Alone Triumphs

In the ultimate analysis: Non-Violence Alone Triumphs.

In the ultimate analysis: SatyaMeva JayaTe: Truth Alone Triumphs.

Saty Hee Shiv hai -- Shiv is the Name of One God. Like Other Infinite Names of God.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014