Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hacking S3crets by Sai Satish -- Coauthors: Srinivas and Adithya Gupta

Hacking For Dummies, 4th Edition by Kevin Beaver

My little brat! :-) Cisco Linksys E1200 Wireless-N Router

Where're my Ouija board? :-)

1. I've -- miraculously -- revived my robot: Mister WALL-E -- finally! He's comatose for like zillions of months! :-) I'd program this Frankenstein's creature to perform bizarrely geeky feats! Could I improvise it to play darts -- for example?

2. My ethical hacking / penetration testing network is taking shape. Cisco Small Business RV Series Routers? What do you think eh? :-) For instance: Cisco RV215W Wireless-N VPN Firewall? Should I go for it?

3. Windows Server 2012 on an oldie laptop is almost ready.

4. Dedicated Internet connexion plus static IP Address: Stalled. Reason: Bureaucratic red tape! 

Nevertheless, the lab should be up and running --  within the next few weeks. I'm soloing -- am dirt-poor plus -- extremely erratic memory! :-) Rational explanations eh? :-)

Where're my Ouija board? I'd summon my long-lost poltergeist friend!

That's all for now.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Indian rope-trick--er--ahem--I mean Indian hack-trick! :-)

Here's your chance to hack with legal immunity -- My objective is multipronged:

#1. You and I: Both of us would be learning the nitty-gritty of real-life Ethical Hacking.

#2. This sort of setup would keep you off of illegalities -- I mean like hacking into other networks and all that.

There's no fee -- but you'd always buy me a Pizza! :-) (I abhor the practice of vegetarianism!)

No early-bird offers--either.

My goal is to give you a free of charge platform / environment with plenty of elbow room to hone your hacking skills.

And, there're no hunting trophies.

Dust off your consoles -- vie for root.

Girls: Expect a red-carpet welcome -- Let the boys accuse me of unabashed favoritism -- Lenient policies! :-) If you happen to spot a gray-haired guy -- hunchbacked -- in his early forties -- wearing extremely sober suspenders -- scuffling to cross the street -- you'd safely approach him -- with absolutely no caution (put that pepper spray in your clutch bag, please!) -- that's me! :-)

Let me turn rookies into Alpha Geeks...

My Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing Lab


1. Laptop: vgc (very good condition)
2. Laptop: Oldie
3. Desktop: Oldie

I shy away from hardware so not giving you specs -- By the way, I'd mug up CompTIA A+ guide(s).

I'd sign up for a dedicated high-speed Intenet connexion.

In the not too distant future: I'd also sign up for a dedicated IP address.

I'd also get a Hardware Firewall (dirt cheap) but sturdy -- should deflect attacks -- though I just adore those groovy Check Point's UTM appliances.


1. Windows Server 2012 (Evaluation copy)
2. Honeypots
3. BBS

What's your role?

You've to attack my systems viciously (no-holds-barred). This a real live Ethical Hacking exercise. Relentless -- knock-down-drag-out -- distributed attacks.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My magic carpet...

My MW600 is my magic carpet -- 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The call of duty...

I'd like to start a movement -- A crusade to defend our cyberspace frontiers -- Our orgs -- start-ups and particularly women -- I know that you're absolutely not okay with the grim fact that renegade hackers -- especially from hostile / foe countries -- deface our web sites -- for instance; We just can't sit back and let 'em humiliate us like this -- We'd join hands and thwart this --  I'm not instigating you to counterstrike -- I'm urging you to foil cyberterrorism --  It's our duty -- If these online hate crimes by cyberterrorists make your blood boil -- then you know how to reach me....

That's all for now.



Friday, October 4, 2013

Can firewalls deter us eh? ;-)

Hacking contests are appetizers...

Team up with fellow Ethical Hackers -- and protect start-ups and individuals particularly women -- from rogue hackers -- voluntarily. You'd easily engage script kiddies -- in the beginning -- and whenever you'd thwart 'em: Have some Pizza; And, of course--Order it online; Garlic bread too, please! :-)

Your war chests aren't your counterstrike / counteroffensive tools -- Your real -- most potent -- arsenal is your mind.

Liaise with White Hat Hackers across India and across the world.

Innate reverence for InfoSec Gurus.

Don't provoke me to come out of retirement -- My formidability is still uncontestable -- Okay, okay  -- just kidding! -- Please don't hack my Linux box! :-)

And, no DDoS attacks, either! :-)

I'm fortyish -- retiree -- not even newbies dread me -- now. 

Spread out your digital tentacles -- devour those slimy worms. 

I'm from the old school -- I staunchly advocate social engineering -- snake charmers and con artists have been swindling us since the Dark Ages -- Charles Sobhraj is an avant-garde social engineer -- Three-tier security cordon: Digital fortress? Sob stories -- Human interest story -- Believe me: Machines are immune but you'd always NLP humans -- They're gullible -- Get your CEO's permission and evaluate your org's security -- You'd be able to breach it. 

I'd give you a hint: Order a veggie Pizza for your admin -- And, some PlayStation games for his kid. :-)

That's all for now.

Here's my address:


Thursday, October 3, 2013


Movies brainwash you -- indoctrinate you -- Turn you into renegades -- Movies reinforce this prevalent misconception that defiance and rebelliousness are prime and must-have traits of the protagonist --

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

From anonymity to notoriety...

Interactions: Online or offline keep me going -- Deprive me of communication(s) -- I shrink like mimosa -- If you want to kill me bloodlessly then keep me incommunicado -- My avatar was born in the early nineteen-nineties during the BBSes era -- You just can't straitjacket me -- I mean: You just can't label me as so-and-so personality type -- It's pretty jumbled -- But there're unmistakable signs of extroversion from the beginning -- An external modem -- A prized possession in those days -- catapulted me from: Anonymity to notoriety -- BBS communities were virtual El Dorados -- Hacking prowess was an open sesame to Marjanahs -- Girls gawk at geeks -- 

To be continued...

Gandhi Ji...

I'm just a rookie scribbler --  I've to have the omnipotence of Mister Vikram Seth to write about Gandhi Ji...

Gandhi Ji practiced and preached nonviolence -- throughout his life. -- Blunt, stark and grim truth is: His blood is on our hands -- We murder our messiahs and our saviors in cold blood -- That's an unforgivable sin... You'd NEVER rationalize patricide... We'd NEVER look at ourself in the mirror -- Our face is grotesquely deformed...

They say: 'You can't undo the past.' That's correct. 

Let's try to look on the bright side:

'Although pleas for commutation were made by India's prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and by Gandhi's two sons on the grounds that a death sentence would dishonour the legacy of a man opposed to all forms of violence, Godse was hanged a week later.'

Doesn't this prove that we're a nation throbbing with an unheard-of idealism.

How did we deal even with deranged men like Nathuram Godse and his coconspirators? -- We put 'em on trial --  We didn't lynch 'em -- That's in 1949 -- Our judicial and democratic apparatuses were in their infancy.

Gandhi Ji left us many legacies -- Charkha is one amongst 'em -- It's an icon -- that goads us to be self-reliant -- Not only as a nation but also as an individual.

We didn't dishonor him. Nope, we didn't. We kept our promise.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't expect your life to be a perpetual honeymoon. It shouldn't be.

Don't expect your life to be a perpetual honeymoon. It shouldn't be. Adversities are your comrades in disguise. Textbookish troubleshooting paradigm -- makes you a doctrinaire -- at dodging ordeals as if they're meteors...

Movies misdirect you -- Please hit the pause button -- A reality check: We're not supposed to have superhuman endurance -- or Sisyphean doggedness -- 

It's only human to be cowed -- It's only human to bow out -- 

But, remember one thing: Messiahs were human too -- And, messianic trait is to confront personal calamities in spite of human frailties.

Perceive catch–22s as a character-building crash course... 

Have a one-on-one / a tête-à-tête with a visually impaired destitute.

My point is: Hang in there.


We're an ungrateful lot -- We just can't appreciate democratic and secularistic apparatuses unless we're deprived of 'em...

Keying in...

Radio: It's a roller-coaster -- It's a seesaw...

Junie: She's my best friend --  I'm a pariah -- I don't have a social network -- She hasn't unfriended me -- That's occult science / parapsychology -- I live in a make-believe world of BBSes and Internet -- Radio disc jockeys are my new-found friends -- Radio makes me adept at escapology -- My past is neck-deep in ghoulishness -- It hounds me like some unleashed mongrel -- Radio works like a time machine -- I love profiling shock jocks -- for kicks. I derive nicotine-like euphoria in spamming 'em. It thwarts the apparition / specter of the Grim Reaper. Radio lets me time travel --  It's a roller-coaster -- It's a seesaw.

My dopamine levels are sinking. Antipsychotic drugs are beginning to kick in.

I'd get some zeds. Writing a Blog Post is my lullaby.

Don't fret. I don't sleepwalk. You'd page my shrink -- He'd corroborate my assertion.

Good night.