Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm schizoid . . . .

vital statistics: reprint

What's your name?
Maqsood Qureshi a.k.a. Charles Sobhraj: the lady-killer, Alpha Geek and Jim Corbett!

Where do you live?
Oh--quite nearby--you know . . . South-eastern tip of the Arabian peninsula between 22º 50 and 26º north latitude and between 51º and 56º 25 east longitude. :-)

Define yourself in a few words.
Idealistic. Misfit. Lounge Lizard. Eccentric. Pervert. Scarecrow. Egghead. Skirt Chaser.

A pet peeve?
Profanity. Shock Jocks (Radio Disc Jockeys).

What do you love doing?
Reading. Ethical Hacking. Sleeping. MMS-Sex.

What do you love about Hyderabad?
Its heritage.

What do you hate about Hyderabad?
People: their mind-set.

Dream date.
Florence Vanida Faivre

Your dream?
I want to be a pilot.

Favorite movies?
Parallel Cinema or anything starring Dilip Kumar + Anthony Hopkins + Robert Redford.

Favorite bedroom line?
#1 (Clonk!) It's a cinch! He'd have bought you biometric Chastity Belt! ;-)
#2 Baby show me how you can go from Zero to Bitch in 6.8 Seconds!
#3 Open sesame, Marjaneh! ;-)

The wildest thing you have done.
(Whiz-bang!) Hahahaha! So you thought RAPEX could save you eh? ;-)

People who have inspired me:
Osho. Charles Sobhraj.

Polo. Muay Thai. Flying. Horse Riding. Reading et cetera.

Your anthem.
I'll tell you later.

What's your favorite poison?
I believe in assisted suicide.

Think you have the style, spunk and attitude to be a Rocking Rookie?
Postscript: Don't be put off . . . This is just for a goof. :-)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Offbeat Proposal: Are you stacked, baby? ;-)

A Suitable Boy right out of Vikram Seth's novel is looking for you! Where're you? Would-be bride eh? Hmm. She'd look like Penélope Cruz or Rachel Weisz or Princess Niloufer or Florence Faivre! Just kidding! I’ll give you some keywords: She’d be well-read, liberal, intelligent and pretty. (No brain-dead beauty, please!) Type B personality! Shouldn’t be tomboyish! Talkative. Great mind-set. Humor. And, of course TALL and SLIM! This isn't a prerequisite but it'd be splendid if she: speaks impeccable, chaste Urdu; loves Urdu poetry; and is an American from Lucknow!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flying: My First Love! :-)

Heart-pounding. Life-altering. Soul-reaffirming.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Charles Sobhraj: the lady-killer is back! :-)

On the prowl: GIRLS don't leave home without pepper sprays, stun guns and Rapex! ;-)
Just kidding!

I'm back after a short self-exile -- self-imposed exile!

Are you GLAD? :-)

Most Beautiful Love Letter

Mama means uncle.
This is by my six years old niece: Asfah.
Perfect caricature, Asfu! :-)

Most Beautiful Love Letter

Mama means Uncle.
This is by my six years old niece: Asfah.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Prodigious Niece: Hafsa

This is by my darling niece: Hafsa!
Prodigiously beyond seventeen-year-olds.
You've -- always -- been a Wonder Kid, Hafsu! :-)

Polo: My Passion! :-)

Polo: My Passion! :-)