Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Unconfessed mortal sins...

This is my warped and deviant thinking: I believe there's no real and absolute fiction. It's reality morphed radically. And, it's almost autobiographical or semiautobiographical always -- inadvertent or deliberate. It's so -- at least in my case. In my offbeat monologic poems. In my wacky soliloquies. It's cathartic. It works just like medicinal leech. It's penance for unconfessed mortal sins. I don't know if this phenomenon is widespread universal -- or merely a personal idiosyncrasy of a schizophrenic wannabe writer like me.

Alpha Geekism...

I still have some Alpha Geekism in me! :-) And, it's pretty swashbuckling!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fourth Ebook: My porcelain doll (Just got published!)

My name is Maqsood Qureshi. I live in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Here's my fourth Ebook: Collection of poems and quotes. Ideal for your tea break reading! :-) You won't get bored. Promise. And, even a one-liner sort of feedback would be godsend; and make my day glorious.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yes, I'm schizophrenic...

  • Yes, I'm schizophrenic but I didn't keep my daughter locked in a cellar for 24 years and repeatedly raped her -- and fathered her seven children.
  • Yes, I'm schizophrenic but I didn't keep a 10-year-old captive in a windowless cell for 8 1/2 years.
  • Yes, I'm schizophrenic but I didn't sell my infant.
  • Yes, I'm schizophrenic but I didn't set my sister-in-law ablaze.
  • Yes, I'm schizophrenic but I didn't blame a woman, accuse her of sorcery and brand her as a witch and burn her.
  • Yes, I'm schizophrenic but I'm not a suicide bomber.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Bodhi Tree moment...

She just looked into my ecstatic and lustful eyes and smiled -- shyly -- a bit surreptitiously first -- then audaciously and vividly. There's a starry twinkle in her eyes. Then, in a microsecond -- nanosecond -- I realized that I've found my soul mate. That's like an epiphany. That's a nirvanic moment. The Bodhi Tree moment. Her place turned out to be my Bodh Gaya. That's fast-paced nirvana.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wow factor...

Love gives you audacity and defiance. If you don't have it -- then you're not in love.

My last wish...

I fell in love with her in nineteen ninety-nine. If I were to be hanged tomorrow at daybreak -- my last wish would be to eat meal cooked by her and make passionate love with her.


My love for her is deep-rooted / deep-seated. She gets wacky--sometimes. And, drives me mad. But that doesn't dim or diminish my passion. I just can't quit loving her even for a nanosecond. She'd be a spitfire -- sometimes. But deep down she's simple-hearted; and naive like a lamb. She's golden hair; and she's very fair; An utterly perfect porcelain doll. I leech onto her; she's my crutch; She peps me up when my morale takes a nose dive; I'd like to die in her arms like the protagonist in the movie: Cold Mountain. A nymphlike desi -- but flaunts stark westernism and Edward de Bono-ism in her thinking / reasoning. She twists me around her little finger -- I'm a totally henpecked modern-day Majnun. Our camaraderie is remarkable. I'm truly stuck on her.


I believe something is intrinsically wrong with people who don't believe in God -- though I've communistic leanings (Wealth distribution etc.) I'm wary of such atheists.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Women are incorrigibly promiscuous -- It's rabic -- It can't be cured -- Infidelity is intrinsic and rampant -- There're are some rare exceptions -- I shouldn't straitjacket 'em all -- But most of 'em always leave you for another man -- It's nymphomania. In the bygone era: Even nautch girls had a pinch of faithfulness -- most modern-day women have nothing except randiness.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Cessna people say flying is heart-pounding, life-altering and soul-reaffirming. Writing SHOULD be like that. Heart-searching. :-)

Solo lion hunting...

Wish I were chivalrous; Wish I weren't transsexual; Wish I weren't sissy; Wish I weren't eunuch; Wish I'd the courage of a Moghul -- solo lion hunting.

Sponsor a child today!

When you sponsor...
Child sponsorship is a commitment that will surely spell HOPE in the life of a needy child. Through your support, a child will have access to education, healthcare and clean drinking water. Not just that, your sponsored child will have the chance and the courage to dream of a future that will truly be better than the present.
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World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender.

We are all Armenians and We are all Hrant Dink

Cobweb of terror...

They're too young to have their own ideologies and school(s) of thought -- They're mere puppets, I believe -- The puppeteer is hiding somewhere -- it's a cobweb -- Labyrinth -- We've got to nab the kingpin -- The mastermind.

My definition of a man...

A man must be a:
01. Martial artist
02. Horseman
03. Polo player
04. Swimmer
05. Skydiver
05. Mountaineer
06. Marksman
07. Alpha geek (Ethical Hacker)
08. Lady-killer
09. Swordsman
10. Seaman
11. Navigator
12. Pilot (Barnstormer)
13. Hunter
A man shouldn't:
1. Dance
2. Play any musical instruments
3. Sing

Sunday, April 21, 2013


You fall in love and you fall out of love. Period. When my mother passed away;
I didn't hang myself. When my girlfriend(s) left me for another man; I didn't hang myself. I'm a bloody strong -- swine of a man.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yes, I am mad...

Yes, I am mad
But I don't murder eight-year-olds.

Yes, I am mad
But I don't rape five-year-olds.

Yes, I am mad
But I am not a Naxalite.

Yes, I am mad
But I am not a separatist.

Yes, I am mad
But I am not an extremist.

Yes, I am mad
But I am not a terrorist.


Pretty good police work. Unparalleled. Swift. These men were just pawns--I believe. Chechens--most probably--brainwashed and indoctrinated 'em. The fugitive that's been captured just now should lead to the queen. The whole thing seems to be a complex and cryptic chessboard.

I relinquished that amulet my mother gave me...

I relinquished that amulet my mother gave me
It gave me unprecedented powers.

Powers of precognition
And, to fight the devils.

Bilocation and multilocation
Power to subdue my evil twin.

Ability to talk to my qareen -- the devil-companion
And, to perform miraculous feats.


Am I a psychic? Do I have powers of foretelling (precognition) and clairvoyance? Am I a miracle man eh? Am I gifted? Or is this simply my schizophrenia? Mere hallucinations of grandeur? LOL

Friday, April 19, 2013

Saudi Arabian / Islamic laws...

We need to implement Saudi Arabian / Islamic laws eh?


I used to think that I'm no good--I've schizophrenia and all that--but there're people who're murdering eight-year-olds and raping five-year-olds. Alhamdulillah, I'm much better than 'em.

My Comments...

Capital punishment for rape should deter 'em.

Incredible India: 5-year-old rape victim's ordeal shocks and shames Delhi

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Diabolic public enemy number one...

We're your blood brothers...We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in absolute solidarity during these turbulent and testing times...Time has come now to unsheathe our swords -- unholster our guns -- slay these monsters -- diabolic public enemy number one...Time has come to uproot 'em...Time has come to annihilate 'em...Time has come for head-hunting...Time has come to crucify 'em...yes, this is bloody shirt vengeance...this is justice. This is for Martin Richard.

We're with you...

We: One billion plus people of India are with you in these turbulent times. May God bless you all. Smoke those jihadist rats out; and zap 'em. We love America; and we've immense respect for Americans.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Zap the jihadists...

Nothing is intrinsically wrong. We just need to zap jihadists. That's all. Zap 'em all.

Music system in my shower...

Wish there was a music system in my shower! I'd put wireless speakers there! Eureka! :-)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My THREE E-books...

My THREE E-books have been published so far:

1. Queen ant, 2. Honeypot and 3. Habeeb.

Please download 'em from the following links:




My name is Maqsood Qureshi. I live in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Here's my collection of poems. Ideal for your tea break reading! :-) You won't get bored. Promise. And, even a one-liner sort of feedback would be godsend; and make my day glorious.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

We are Muslims...

Qur'an in left hand and crescent sword in right--We follow Quran and sunnah--One angel sitting on the left shoulder and another on the right--Honorable scribes-kiraman katibeen--write down our deeds--One of the angels of Allah who carry the Throne--The distance between his ear-lobes and his shoulders is equivalent to a seven-hundred-year journey--We are Muslims--We believe in one God--We prostrate to one Lord--We abide by the hadiths of the Prophet--We fought in the Battle of Karbala--And, we fought alongside Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab.

Qur'an in left hand and scimitar in right--We march through erupting volcanoes--We fight for the weak--Infernos in our chests--Shrouds on our heads--Armies of Iblis--shudder and swoon--We trample them under our horses' hooves--Eyes gleaming like burning coals--Sharpened, shiny and resolute swords--Mighty angels on our left and right--Fearlessness of a lion-tamer--

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Laments of a transsexual

Why did you make me a transsexual
People taunt and ridicule me.

Why didn't you make me a macho man
Why there is eunuchism and sissiness in me.

I cower in shame and self-consciousness
I dishonored my family.

I could not make my father proud
I remained an antihero.

Why there is no lionheartedness in me like Tipu Sultan
Why I am not brave and unafraid like a lion-hunter.

Why there is no fearlessness in me like a gladiator
Why there is no courage in me like a swordsman and fencer.

Why my spirit is so weak -- why I am so weak-kneed
Why have I lost my jihad with my qareen -- the devil-companion.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A little girl with fierce tenacity in her eyes

Twenty-five years ago--she was just a litte girl
But her eyes had a gleam of fierce tenacity
You could tell then itself
She would grow up to be an awe-inspiring and headstrong girl.

She held my hand tightly--with her tiny fingers
And, put her unsteady first steps -- babbled her first words
Made funny faces and pouted her lips
Threw tantrums and cried at ungodly hours.

Twenty-five years have passed
My hair turned grey and I look hunchbacked
She is a big, grown-up girl now
She married a simple but sincere guy.

She has a little girl now
Her eyes have the same gleam of fierce tenacity
You could tell now itself
She would grow up to be an awe-inspiring and headstrong girl.

Friday, April 5, 2013

My THIRD E-book...

My name is Maqsood Qureshi. I live in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Here's my THIRD E-book: Habeeb. My third collection of poems. Ideal for your tea break reading! :-) You won't get bored. Promise. And, even a one-liner sort of feedback would be godsend; and make my day glorious.       

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lost soul...

When I found her--I found myself--otherwise, I was such a lost soul. :-)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You've got to be fair with the man!

I lack machismo and courage--but when I see it in another man--I acknowledge it. You've got to be fair with the man. A big, crowd-pulling leader -- standing Member of
Legislative Assembly is being attacked in broad daylight -- by a berserk mob of assassins -- brandishing swords, knives, daggers and firearms -- who's going to
safeguard the common man -- like you and I? That means something is terribly wrong with the men governing us -- wrong men are in the corridors of power -- something is
terribly wrong with Law and Order -- we need to veto 'em out of power -- we need to vote the right people -- you just can't attack an unarmed man -- that's against
religion -- that's against code of honor -- that's against manliness -- that's against morality -- not even eunuchs and sissies do that -- only despicable and nefarious
cowards do that -- I don't want to be a crowd-pleasing writer -- I want to tell you hard-hitting truth -- that'd obviously provoke some people -- that means I'm
writing something substantial -- something worth reading -- a man who is friends with all and pleases all is a zilch -- a man must believe in something and stand up
for it -- make some foes -- I may or maybe not subscribe to his  ideologies -- I may or maybe not from a rival party -- but one thing for sure -- and, you just can't
deny it -- this man has tremendous courage -- you've got to be fair with him.

Yes, we are Indians

Yes, we are Indians
We are sages and farmers
We are snake charmers and tightrope walkers
We are magicians and soldiers.

We have got nuke power
Our satellites orbit in the space
Our armed forces go on peacekeeping missions
Our farmers bring a Green Revolution.

Yes, we speak the truth
Yes, we believe in nonviolence
We are secular and democratic men and women
We are peacekeepers and seekers of truth.

Do not provoke the soldiers in us
We wear shrouds majestically like pagris
Our SLRs are handy and ready
Sharpened swords and bayonets -- bloodthirsty.

Freedom is everything for us
Honor is everything for us
We fight for truth and justice
Yes, we are Indians.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Akbaruddin Owaisi saheb: Our incredibly brave and charismatic leader

A heavily-armed mob of assassins attacked him
With swords, knives, daggers and firearms
He was unarmed
Barehanded he fought with them.

Like a wounded tiger
Stood his ground
Took many bullets
One fearless man against many cowards.

He rose like a phenix
From the deathbed
A person of exemplary courage and guts
His gutless assailants cowered in mortal fear.

Young, noble and idealistic leader
His fiery speeches could prompt a change of heart
His followers are in millions
He is made of steel -- he could bring a revolution.

He is of immaculate lineage
His father was of lofty ideals
His elder brother is an illustrious leader
Like them -- intrepidity is in his blood.

He works for the upliftment of the underprivileged
Tirelessly at grass-roots level
Unbiasedness and secularity in his approach
He is our incredibly brave and charismatic leader.