Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Classified information: withheld from general circulation for reasons of national security!

It's so hilarious -- particularly in American movies -- The protagonist's profile is: He's trained in so many martial arts --Vietnam veteran -- And blah-blah Then in the end they say other things are classified. LOL

Monday, January 21, 2019

The captain goes down with the ship

The captain goes down with the ship" is an idiom and maritime tradition that a sea captain holds ultimate responsibility for both his ship and everyone embarked on it, and that in an emergency, he will either save them or die trying. Although often connected to the sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912 and its captain, Edward J. Smith, the phrase precedes Titanic by at least 11 years.[1] In most instances, the captain of the ship forgoes his own rapid departure of a ship in distress, and concentrates instead on saving other people. It often results in either the death or belated rescue of the captain as the last person on board.

Why must a captain never leave a sinking ship?

Must a captain be the last one off a sinking ship?

The captain of the Costa Concordia, which crashed into rocks off the Italian coast and capsized, has been criticised for allegedly leaving the ship while passengers were still on board. Is a ship's captain legally required to be the last one off?

Statue of a Mexican Navy sailor at the Naval History Museum.

Enlistment Oath.— Each person enlisting in an armed force shall take the following oath:

I, (state name of enlistee), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

Bride burning

Time Magazine reported that dowry deaths in India increased from around 400 a year in the early 1980s to around 5800 a year by the middle of the 1990s.[6] A year later, CNN ran a story saying that every year police receive more than 2500 reports of bride burning.[7] According to Indian National Crime Record Bureau, there were 1948 convictions and 3876 acquittals in dowry death cases in 2008


Definition of parapsychology

: a field of study concerned with the investigation of evidence for paranormal psychological phenomena (such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis)

Saturday, January 19, 2019

67:19 Surah Al-Mulk

Do they not see the birds above them with wings outspread and [sometimes] folded in? None holds them [aloft] except the Most Merciful. Indeed He is, of all things, Seeing.

Myths About Shooting Stars By Laurel Brown; Updated April 24, 2017

Because they are so sudden and short-lived, shooting stars inspire many myths about wishing and omens. Traditionally, shooting stars were seen as omens of dangerous times for Europeans. Current myths about shooting stars revolve around making a wish when one is seen.

My quesion: 114:6 Quran

My question is: Who are these people (mankind) -- How to recognize 'em? How'd we stay safe from 'em


114:6 From among the jinn and mankind.

My Comments: Maybe this is the reality of shooting stars? Quran: 67:5

Quran -- Surah Al-Mulk 67:5

And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars and have made [from] them what is thrown at the devils and have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Can We See the Jinn? Do They Have a Real Form?

Ghost hunting

Ghost hunting is the process of investigating locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. Typically, a ghost-hunting team will attempt to collect evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity. Ghost hunters use a variety of electronic devices, including EMF meters, digital thermometers, both handheld and static digital video cameras, including thermographic and night vision cameras, as well as digital audio recorders. Other more traditional techniques are also used, such as conducting interviews and researching the history of allegedly haunted sites. Ghost hunters may also refer to themselves as "paranormal investigators."[1]

Ghost hunting has been heavily criticized for its dismissal of the scientific method. No scientific study has ever been able to confirm the existence of ghosts.[2][3] The practice is considered a pseudoscience by the vast majority of educators, academics, science writers, and skeptics.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] Science historian Brian Regal described ghost hunting as "an unorganized exercise in futility".[4]

A handheld infrared thermometer of the type used by some ghost hunters

Monday, January 14, 2019

out-of-body experience

Definition of out-of-body experience

: an experience in which a person has a feeling of being separated from his or her body and able to look at himself or herself and other people from the outside

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Guys listen to Nina Burmi. This is us. Indians.

Hindi movies: Soft-core dance / songs

There's so much of martial arts' like katas and semi-foreplay in Indian film industries. Particularly dance / songs.

My comments: KFC

Beginning May 16, KFC would allow its customers to contribute Rs 5 each time they pay for the food at its outlets. “Our target is to provide two crore meals to the poor children by 2020,” he said.

That's all right -- but they've to ask us first -- in my case they didn't -- They're doing a good thing -- I'd like to contribute gladly  but they'd ask first -- It's not morally upright.

KFC India begins new initiative to provide meals for poor children

Thursday, January 10, 2019

KTR to inaugurate Rs 5 meal canteen in Karimnagar Everyday, food would be provided to about 2,000 to 3,000 people. Three puris or three idlis, chutney and sambar would be provided in tiffin items.

GHMC launches Rs. 5 meal scheme

Rupees: 830 = 11.7910 USD

Rs. 830 The nutritional requirements of pets vary from that of humans. This food is specially formulated for pets only.

Tring, Tring Hello Swiggy!

1.3 billion

of people live on less than US$1.90 a day

of the world’s undernourished people live in India

World Food Programme

The second most populous country in the world, India has enjoyed steady economic growth and has achieved self-sufficiency in grain production in recent years. Despite this, high levels of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition persist. Around 21.25 percent of the population lives on less than US$1.90 a day, and levels of inequality and social exclusion are very high.

India is home to a quarter of all undernourished people worldwide, making the country a key focus for tackling hunger on a global scale. In the last two decades, per capita income more than tripled, yet the minimum dietary intake fell. The gap between rich and poor increased during this period of high economic growth.

WFP has been working in India since 1963, with work transitioning from food distribution to technical assistance since the country achieved self-sufficiency in cereal production. With the Government now providing its own food distribution systems, our work focuses on supporting the strengthening of these systems to ensure they become more efficient and reach the people who need them most.

Hunger Statistics

Every year, authors, journalists, teachers, researchers, schoolchildren and students ask us for statistics about hunger and malnutrition. To help answer these questions, we've compiled a list of useful facts and figures on world hunger.
Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That's about one in nine people on earth.
The vast majority of the world's hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9 percent of the population is undernourished.
Asia is the continent with the most hungry people - two thirds of the total. The percentage in southern Asia has fallen in recent years but in western Asia it has increased slightly.
Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest prevalence (percentage of population) of hunger. One person in four there is undernourished.
Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five - 3.1 million children each year.
One out of six children -- roughly 100 million -- in developing countries is underweight.
 One in four of the world's children are stunted. In developing countries the proportion can rise to one in three.
 If women farmers had the same access to resources as men, the number of hungry in the world could be reduced by up to 150 million.
66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone.
WFP calculates that US$3.2 billion is needed per year to reach all 66 million hungry school-age children.

In the United States alone, the dog food market is expected to reach $23.3bn by 2022

My comments: This is for my futurist friends. Robotization. Humanoid robots.

(Indian) Army to get self-reliant, autonomous robots soon

US military will have more combat robots than human soldiers by 2025

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

My comments:

I get a kick if I'd substantiate my conspiracy theories with irrefutable evidence.

Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot

A Mile-High Hack: An App That Could Remotely Hijack Planes

Hacker uses an Android to remotely attack and hijack an airplane

Autopilot could land hijacked planes By Catherine Zandonella, San Francisco

Monday, January 7, 2019

My comments: A disaster waiting to happen

God/heaven forbid -- but as an InfoSec professional and Samaritan.-- I just wanted to highlight this possibility -- I think it's my moral obligation / duty to bring this matter to authorities' attention. I'm sure they must've already looked into this matter. --- This is something we can't shrug off.

I'm not crying wolf.

I see this as a grim and catastrophic inevitability if countermeasures are not deployed.

Paranoiac eh? 

Could The New Air Traffic Control System Be Hacked?

U.S. sounds alarm on hacking of passenger jets, air traffic control Government report says the FAA needs to do more to ensure safety in the skies

Report: Air traffic control system vulnerable to cyberattack By Aaron Cooper Updated 1954 GMT (0354 HKT) March 2, 2015

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hey my shrink says I've delusions of grandeur -- megalomania -- I'm not shark and can't go to sea! And he doesn't believe that fishermen are persecuting me! This aquarium is so stuffy! Immigrant detention! Jerk!

What's his name? Oh yeah Charles Darwin. What's he saying? Dunno something about Origin of Species -- Illusion delusion Evolution oh yeah tsk tsk

Ancient India: Con artists at work!

common sense: the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions

Midas: This is treachery, Dionysus! You said it's 24 Karat gold is 100 per cent pure gold -- Indian market!

Decision tree: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly :-) DRAFT COPY

You know I keep a log of bad and good decisions -- started it lately.
My point is: Undo your bad decisions -- as soon as you could.
Conscience-stricken? -- It's good to feel guilty -- that prompts you to undo bad decisions -- and from that time forth -- you'd more alert while decision-making. You'll be more honed . . . . and real soon -- you'd realize that you're making less number of bad decisions than you used to. -- And, the number of good decisions -- you'd notice an appreciable change in your approach towards

You know: 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Bestselling ghostwriter reveals the secret world of the author for hire

Andrew Crofts has written 80 titles and sold some 10 million copies in a 40-year career, mostly under names far more famous than his own – until now

Read on:

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Jim Corbett with a camera -- Say cheese, everyone! :-)

I'd like to have a shack: Sheep and cows -- I'd like to be a shepherd. If I'd afford then horses too. A cowboy. Chaps and boots. Maybe a ranch.

It's quite therapeutic. Jim Corbett with a camera. 

Say cheese, everyone! :-)

Amongst my own

I'm comfy among blue-collar workers: Vendors, laborers, peddlers -- My comfort zone. Upper class -- Middle class -- Lower class? I don't know.

Ragpickers. Rickshaw. Auto-rickshaw. I'd get chummy with these underprivileged people. 

I count my blessings. Disabled people: Physically and mentally. 

Chai, chitchat and chums! And, of course ciggies.

Rich people intimidate me.

Girl, 12, achieves maximum Mensa IQ test score

Lydia Sebastian from Essex has joined the 1% of all entrants to attain the highest mark in the Cattell III B paper

• Think you’ve got what it takes? Take the British Mensa quiz below

My comments: Stephen you'd have read Quran. Anyways May you rest in peace. We're not monkeys. You're so horribly dreadfully wrong.

Praise be to Allaah.

Belief in destiny and fate is one of the basic beliefs of Islam. It means that Allaah is the Knower of all things and the Creator of all things; nothing exists outside of His will and decree. He wrote down all things with Him in al-Lawh al-Mahfooz (the Preserved Tablet), and this was fifty thousand years before He created the universe. Everything in the universe, every creature and the things it does, is the creation of Allaah. Whatever He wills happens, and whatever He does not will does not happen. If something happens to a person, it could not have missed him, and if something does not happen to him, it could not have happened to him. A person is not forced to obey or disobey Allaah – he has free will as befits his state, but it is subject to the will of the Creator. And Allaah knows best..

Stephen Hawking's memorable quote: 'We are just an advanced breed of monkeys'

"We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That makes us something very special."

"I believe the simplest explanation is, there is no God. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate." 

"We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet."

steady state theory

steady state theory noun
Definition of steady state theory 
: a theory in astronomy: the universe has always existed and has always been expanding with hydrogen being created continuously

My comments: Adam -- I couldn't get Islam QA perception on this

Adam noun
Ad· am | \ˈa-dəm  \
Definition of Adam (Entry 1 of 3)
1 : the first man and father by Eve of Cain and Abel

big bang theory: no joking matter -- I'm an Indian writer! You got it wrong, Mister!

big bang theory noun
Definition of big bang theory 
: a theory in astronomy: the universe originated billions of years ago in an explosion from a single point of nearly infinite energy density
Examples of big bang theory in a Sentence
Recent Examples on the Web

The old big bang theory as developed by Georges Lemaître, [George] Gamow and others is based on Einstein's theory of general relativity.
— Alexander Hellemans, Scientific American, "A Conversation with Thomas Hertog, One of Stephen Hawking’s Final Collaborators," 24 May 2018
If the big bang theory is an explanation on how the universe was created, then what existed before the big bang occurred?
— Dan Vergano,, "Stephen Hawking, legendary physicist, dies at 76, family says," 14 Mar. 2018


Tapas, (Sanskrit: “heat,” or “ardour”), in Hinduism, ascetic practice voluntarily carried out to achieve spiritual power or purification. In the Vedas, tapas refers to the “inner heat” created by the practice of physical austerities and figured in the creation myths, as a means by which Prajāpati (the main creator god) brought the world into existence. In later Hinduism the practice of tapas was especially associated with yogic discipline as a way of purifying the body in preparation for the more exacting spiritual exercises leading to liberation (moksha). Among the austerities mentioned in the sacred literature are fasting, the holding of difficult and often painful bodily postures, vigils kept in the presence of fires or extreme cold, and breath control.

In the Jaina religion asceticism is seen as a way of preventing new karma (effect of good or bad action) from forming, as well as a way of getting rid of the old, and is thus one of the central means of breaking the cycle of rebirths. The Jainas distinguish between external tapas, such as fasting (including the most severe form, fasting unto death), restricting the intake of food, meditating, and living in seclusion, and internal tapas, such as contemplation, confession, and repentance of sins.

In early Buddhism the monastic life of chastity and poverty was regarded as the only path to enlightenment. Yet the Buddha renounced the extremes of self-mortification as strongly as he did self-indulgence, in his advocation of the “middle way."

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Vibes: Part II

There's a strong compelling force -- like some magnetic pull -- strong 'urge' to go to a certain place -- or some energy that thwarts me out of that place.

I'll give an example:

Suppose I'm home -- I feel like going to the restaurant. And, when I'm at the restaurant -- I feel like going home.


Human energy fields and the vibes they emanate:

There are people / places -- I just can't stay there -- I feel like fleeing from those people / places.

The vibes are pretty strong -- overpowering -- 

Sometimes I'd feel the source of this -- I mean if you take me to a house for example -- I'd sense something is there.