Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sonam Kapoor is Print preview -- ya she's Miss WYSIWYG -- pronounced "wiz-ee-wig" eh? Even on Chinese Dual-SIM Phones huh? Eureka. Bingo. Yahoo!

Sonam Kapoor is Print preview -- ya she's Miss WYSIWYG -- pronounced "wiz-ee-wig" is a semi-formal acronym for "what you see is what you get" of that promised houri: one of the beautiful maidens that in Muslim belief live with the blessed in paradise.

Psst. Hint, hint: On the IBM Model F keyboard, the key is labeled PrtSc and is located under the Enter key. On the IBM Model M, it is located next to the F12 key and is labeled Print Screen.

Hit it.

Leave a good looking corpse behind voluntarily or opt for assited-suicide -- sorry, die young part comes first. 

Virtual Reality. Afterlife.

Eternal Bliss.

Don't think twice -- as if you're entitled for any discretion, prerogative or opt-out option of sorts. Yep. Abject Choas. Burning Giagantic Coal on a pygymy shrew. Ew. Animal Cruelty. Ya, Then What? Extra-Judicial Pest Control. E-mail Anonoymously. Cashless Transaction. Missing in Action. Last seen at Convocation ya? OMG. Alien Abduction maybe -- ya ya you can't strike that out -- ya rule that out -- This is not my domain nor my jurisdiction -- Consult a UFOlogist. Did you see those YouTube homemade flicks and snapshots of really real gory footage. Parental Discretion ya? No Ban Outright. Hush: Ya..They do all sort of experiments on you -- ya -- Nazi Concentration Camps horrors like Cartoon Strips ya -- Like Hippo with One Billion Monstrous Tentacles -- Could we earthlings fathom something like that -- inCONCEIVEable right -- then what? Something totally wacky weird outlandish ya see -- what happened? Are you alright? Flying Saucers ya -- Not Sorcercers -- silly -- Daemon's POW Flashbacks ya that sort of PostTraumatic Distress -- Did you see Taken Movie -- Its sequel too ya -- ya I see one of many reptiles that lived on Earth millions of years ago? You know who're they eh? Dinosaur? Jurrasic Park? Life after Dark no damn you Freak. So in a nutshell: They cringing under their giant bunker beds. Ya..Breathless as if bearbugging a polar bear. Ya. Hey, isn't this tatoo cute? Chokdee. Choke. Pearl Choker. Choked to death. Strangulated. Charred to death. Nope. Nope. Nope. Idiot. Hello?

Distorted face oh blurred vision -- Nope, it's not arsenic poisoning -- it's your Virtual Reality Headset. Conked out. Snag. Glitch eh? Did you get this from fleece market? Not fleas. What fleas magotts eh? Moron. Retard. Zombie. For instance: Consider this chunk of sound bite: Learning how to shear the fleece off a sheep. Gotcha ya? Try this: The program has a few gotchas in store for unsuspecting computer users. Gotcha ya? Here we go again for the third and last time: an unexpected problem or usually unpleasant surprise. What's my signature tune at the end of this mouthful? Hello? 

Virtual reality in telerehabilitation is a method used first in the training of musculoskeletal patients using asynchronous patient data uploading, and an internet video link. Subsequently, therapists using virtual reality-based telerehabilitation prescribe exercise routines via the web which are then accessed and executed by patients through a web browser. Therapists then monitor the patient's progress via the web and modify the therapy asynchronously without real-time interaction or training.

DisemBARKation card: Destination Port: Hell Gate Via Heavens' Lake. Seat #: 13. Feedback: Bumpy ride. 

Fasten Your Electric Chair Belt. Yep. Sorry about that -- but that's mandatory. Now, I'm going to show your how to harness and unleash the power of lightning.

My name is The Whirling Dervish. My job: Medium. I'm sorry: Supreme Torment in the grave. I'd waive off Tea shack charges. See you real soon. Novajo. Spread the word -- ya Word of mouth -- Like Jungle Fire. Free of cost. Kismet Connexion. Sundays closed. Shamanic Intution. Bad omens. Jinxed or otherwise. Ask me three questions -- if you aren't still convinced or satisfied. Money-back and all. Nope. I'm not a charlatan. See, no parakeet. Then what? Yep. I'm online but I keep a really real low profile. Selected few. One on One Intensive sessions. Not unlimited concurrent connexions -- anymore. B2B. Nope. Read FAQ first. Ya scroll down to Scrouge..ya..No No..Search for Locked in Panic Room. Incommunicado. No water. No food. 

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