Sunday, May 21, 2017

Watch offbeat news spaces.
Thread: a series of newsgroup messages following a single topic -- See 'em in a sequence. Not as just one snapshot. But a motion picture. Re-arrange. Got it?
Try to Link this with that.
Oh you DEF CON ya OMG
Time Travel concatenated with Time Capsule -- Don't look for historical seal-fate-decisive so-called unprecedented measures -- Look across Centuries -- An obscure moral story in some Bla-blah century and a current socio-political gnawing problem. Let's call this knack Shamanic. Read this:

Knife sharpening is the process of making a knife or similar tool sharp by grinding against a hard, rough surface, typically stone, or a soft surface with hard particles, such as sandpaper. Additionally, a leather razor strop, or strop, is often used to straighten and polish an edge.

Hone is the most apt word in this context:

to sharpen or smooth with a whetstone

to make more acute, intense, or effective :  whet

a stone used for sharpening knives, blades, etc.

I won't recommend that bicyle-guy -- pedal-powered whetting -- I'm speaking this in strictly metamorphical terms: Go back to Ancient Days. Cave Man Days. Stone-Age Days.

So if you'd get that Shamanic Intuition where figurately speaking -- you touch the razor of the blade or knife and you'd tell with some substantial certainty that something is wrong -- or, you get that Holmesian Logic bypassing the Standard Linear Approach taken to Resolve anything -- to deduce -- to make a decision -- anything -- a Swissknife approach to everything -- Master key or something they say right -- something like that -- A village elder is wise...a scientist is intellige Zoos Safaris or Jungles.

A sage. A mystic. There're always you know -- There's something in their this inevitablity of existenstinal aloneness...they're never alone. We live amongst a crowd..but we feel so distresslingly Home Alone.

Of course, I'm not professing to be the Next Osho for Rich -- I just share my know...I'm so Narcisstic in this context that I re-read my own Blogs and try to find different shades of meanings and interpretation of meanings et cetra. If I write to a girl and she writes me back -- I re-read my own Chucks of Text to her and try to you know visualize -- I found this out zillions of years later while watching this movie: Hard Candy. Where this girl says to this Pedophile you guys do this stuff -- go through your E-mails to us again and again in real OCD-like fashion -- I'm improvesing here -- So obviously the Pedophile Part and writing to Lolitos -- that safely exempted -- I love reading my own writings.

I'm hunchbacked look really awful. We'd virtual date but no cam -- of course.
No Audio -- obviously. Unless you let me Voice Change with Bonzi Buddy when it used to a parrot. Er I mean Parakeet.
I still wear Suspenders.

This is excerpted from my Blog: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2013

Girls: Expect a red-carpet welcome -- Let the boys accuse me of unabashed favoritism -- Lenient policies! :-) If you happen to spot a gray-haired guy -- hunchbacked -- in his early forties -- wearing extremely sober suspenders -- scuffling to cross the street -- you'd safely approach him -- with absolutely no caution (put that pepper spray in your clutch bag, please!) -- that's me! :-)

I'm a The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

then he thought of the pretty little dancer, whom he was never to see again, and this refrain rang in his ears:—

“Onward! Onward! Soldier!

For death thou canst not shun.”

Soldiering is burning-coal-like:

My Blog Post: FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2017

Sisyphus is in you.

Strength of spirit: Ability to continue despite difficulties.

There is no magic wand that could change boys into men but sheer, mammoth grit.
This is your life.
If you are a closet escapist opt for hot-air balloon ride. No one would ever suspect your timidity.
But if you have even a wee bit of pathfinding spunk --
Invoke the pygmy Sherpa-like relentlessness of spirit in you.
It would metamorphose into a real giant. Eventually.
Buckle down to Sisyphean ordeals.
Don't shy away from 'em.
Sisyphus is in you.
Listen to your inner voice.
Try not to muffle or squelch those echoes.

My Idealogical Soul Mate: A story of an unfinished quest . . . .

To Be Continued . . . .


For instance: I just stumbled on this: Fates plural :  the three goddesses, Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis, who determine the course of human life in classical mythology.


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