Monday, May 22, 2017

RFID - My Comments: Could you believe that eh - I just Eureka--ed--on-this RFID-Hacking Proof Wallet for Credit cards and all at this shack near my Tea place. It's for like 140 rupees after not-so-serious basic Indian haggling.

Maybe the Technology has evolved and all -- and there're and there must be counter-measures and all -- but the point I'm trying to drive home is: ubiquitous -- imperceptibly so -- And, this person is a you know -- a peddler on the street corner -- an encroacher -- encroaching -- A nuisance for pedestrian traffic -- footpath -- Just this one person and his wares on this make-shift shack spawns into zillions of problems for all of us -- of course -- he's also a naive accomplice or propagator of it and victim of it as well. Because he's victiom of something else up in this vicious circle of . . . . -- I mean to say: This one chap and a bunch of 'em -- this'd mushroom into something colossal -- It's like in I guess 1990 or so: I stumbled on this book: Pulling Your Own Strings by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer; and I bought it from Abids, Hyderabad -- He's a victim and he's selling this book -- Isn't that so ironic eh? -- A friend was with me -- He's like my Constant-Pillion-Rider-Buddy -- you see -- those College-Days -- He's like so bluntly deriding me -- as If I don't need it -- in the first place -- maybe he's like if this zilch my meal ticket gets to understand even a wee bit of this Book -- He'd stop having anything to do with me. This person here after like zillions of years -- selling a eWallet -- like a simple credit cards et cetra thingy -- Those silver-casing Ciggy Case-like -- a litte more miniature-ish -- I don't think -- He knows anything about RFID and all that. 

I come home -- scuffling streets -- and blind alleys and everything -- huffing and panting -- dehydrated and semi-sunstroke-like delirium -- and, instead of looking for some effective on World Health Organization online resources for new formula for oral rehydration salts (ORS) -- sachet -- I start keyboarding this Blog post for you and I -- looking for the right word on Merriam Websters, Wikipedia and other online reference knowledge bases. This constant gnawning worry that my Wi-Fi connexion might conk out any time -- or there'd be an unscheduled power shutdown -- it's not so uncommon during Indian Summers -- All of us Indians -- and Expatriates in India and of course, Non-Resident Indians across the Globe -- go through this -- bugbears that get on our nerves -- By the way, Any Rakesh Sharma for Space Station so far? ISRO: Do you copy? I think we're with Eskimos. But this thing I dunno -- maybe something is in the pipeline.

That's all for now, folks: Time for some really real raunchy music for The unabashed Lothario in us. Dub. Dub. Dub. YouTube Dot Com. 

One more thing: I've buckled down for another E-book after a lull -- It's a novel about the loveless existence of an aging lothario.

Here's something Historical intro you'd moot:

Lothario comes from The Fair Penitent (1703), a tragedy by Nicholas Rowe. In the play, Lothario is a notorious seducer, extremely attractive but beneath his charming exterior a haughty and unfeeling scoundrel. He seduces Calista, an unfaithful wife and later the fair penitent of the title. After the play was published, the character of Lothario became a stock figure in English literature. For example, Samuel Richardson modeled the character of Lovelace on Lothario in his 1748 novel Clarissa. As the character became well known, his name became progressively more generic, and since the 18th century the word lothario has been used for a foppish, unscrupulous rake.

Hello, Alizee: Is that you eh? "....sometimes I think those little brats are the spawn of Satan himself".
Babes Is that you live or your voice answering machine eh? Profane words telling -- Expletives -- What me no Military Rat. Excuse moi Miss Geneva Convocation Tap Dance Function...I'm Phone Phreak ya what do you think -- Ask AT and T ya then what OMG

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