Friday, May 19, 2017

So are you Jinxed eh? Three Cities. Hyd-Ban-Mum for now. This is not a fix but get the Modus Operandi. I'm A Whirling Dervish. Shamanic Intution. The Sixth Kind. That Kills. Retaliation. Of course. I never let 'em repent. I can't do so even If I assume presume any discretion. Nope. He's Or They're immobilized by the Divine Stinger / Fangs. It won't kill. Comatose only. I'll be back with next bulletin.

the offspring at one birth of a multiparous animal a litter of puppies

a device (such as a stretcher) for carrying a sick or injured person The wounded soldier was carried to the rear by litter.

trash, wastepaper, or garbage lying scattered about trying to clean up the roadside litter

Not This but for This:

Ragdoll play
\ˈrag-ˌdäl, -ˌdȯl\ or ragdoll
[former trademark]
:  any of a breed of large, blue-eyed domestic cats that have a long, silky coat with a colorpoint pattern and that typically become limp when picked up or held

a stuffed usually painted cloth doll

Beans? Maybe from Beans from BeanBag..Those sitting recling chairs or whatever. If they really have beans in 'em. But in any case Bean Veggie like a Pearl Necklace using a thread...a tailors' needle -- or knitting-needle kiddo sweators' stuff -- Mostly Those Sorcercers' prefer -- ask their clients -- to get personalized this context as well.

Animolies can't be ruled out -- wet nursing of some different kind -- such type of stuff...a adult cat..suckling a bitch..or same kind -- but not related...permutations and combinations -- deviancy is a norm -- no such thing exists in their lexicon -- 

You don't have to understand all this how it was done but it does help you in the long run.

Stillborn -- decapicitated -- rag doll in its stomach -- umbilical cord -- in place three grave marked like some crazy sign -- 

Three Graves: One with Stillborn -- Two with Umbilical Cord -- Three -- Head.

They love cats. We hate dogs.

So cats -- newborns -- unopened eyes -- unleash a feral male cat -- it cannibalises the younglings...

the cat usually moves..but only in a limited space when it thinks it's really moved...

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