Saturday, May 20, 2017

Poetic License

ya ya I'm from Hickory, North Carolina
My kiddo girl has a pet bird
Its name is mynah -- ya ya
Indian myna

My kiddo boy wants to be Top Gun
He says Tomahawk or Cruise
Bruce Wills or Top Cruise
This place is fun -- I don't want this toy gun
Get me the real fun

La Isla Bonito
This is where I love to be.

Karachi To Turkey
Paris To Checniya
I'm an Indian Maharajah
I fly by wire -- cashless Indian Decoy.

Shooting Stars are always by my side
Dawn or the darkest hours of night
The Sword that changed the Times
I'm Blessed with its Shadow and Might.

The Mightiest of All
From this Horizon to that
Is amused at my rut
And, the Taker of Evil Souls and His Bridage
Trying to fathom my audacious case.

He is on my Right.
He is on my Left.
And, Bridages of Seventy-Thousand that Never return
And, Seventy Thousand of those Dreaded Rope Pullers
And, They make me Grin -- Box my Ear Lobe -- and Tap me on my Shouder.

My Journey is Seven Hundred or so on a Desert Ship.
I'm looking for Sheba -- Can you get me that faster than I wink.
No. Not you -- Slow-footed -- Take a seat.
So, where are those Vodoo Mumbo Jumbo Zombies eh?

Poof? Ya OMG
Into Thin Air? No? Ya. Then?
Into Bon Fire ya? OMG.
Bon Voyage. Ya? No Novajo ya? Oh, unfeeling monsters!

Matchstick -- Matchmaker -- me ya? OMG
Dead Unhappy Ever After. ya OMG.
Let it be. Anyway, What's for Brunch, Supper and Dinner eh?
She called and asked me to come over. Cheesse Sandwich and Scrambled Eggs.

By the way . . . . ?
Where To?

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