Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I exorcize demons from young priestess and princesses -- siroccos guffaw when I grin and chuckle -- these knocking spirits are poltergeists and goblins are mere wingless dust devils -- Indrajala and Indradhanush -- I'm Lava -- And, I'm Kusha -- O Tulsidas and Ramcharitmanas -- Ya I play this flute by Tamas -- Glories of Suns rise from my Throne? O Mukut? -- Vetala Panchavimshati? Ya ya I heard that rumor too that I gave a boon to Vikramaditya -- vamachari ya that  tantric sorcerer or whatever begged me for be to be forbearing and lenient --  vetala celestial spirit eh? Pishacha ya got it now -- save my face or statemate? That's correct and quite true -- I remember that vividly -- ya ya you'd come down from the tree -- don't shiever and tremble -- cringe with dread and fear -- No No Not those -- these are only my playmates ya ya tigers -- no no no lightning thunders -- Those Primates won't hurt you -- don't shriek you freak -- O Vanar Sena ya -- Ya ya Whatever keep quiet --Don't wail and beg for life -- shrap? Narkh? Ghor paap? Go away you moron -- Jungle Menace -- 

Vishwamitra is my Guru -- Never heard of Parashurama -- This is my Holy Land: Janaka and Ayodhya -- Yes Of Couse You could ask:  Vishnu, Brahma and all Devas -- Yes Yes If You could go all the way to Mithila.

Ramayana and Mahabharata ya? O Sanskrit Itihasa ya? But this is just my Slate -- And, I was looking for my lost chalk -- getting late for Ashram -- Ya Ya You can come again --

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