Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hello Toll Free Madam: I'm Mister Escape Artist on Thunderbird Bullet -- Bike Number Thirty Six. Gear Left or Brake Right? I was going to Nepal. One more thing: Here sign says: Munnar: Registrations Closed. Yes, yes EMI only. Okay, madam waiting till dawn sun rise ya okay madam -- dunno why I have bad premonition happening madam -- I love Yahama 350cc -- Twin Engine Sync Problem getting -- Not spare parts -- so taking -- Last Time Manisha Koirala Ji seeing wish -- and, Meal eating -- Super Supreme Pizza Thick Crust tell mister executioner chef same taste as much possible as making -- Salad Bar Big Plate -- please this is my blog address -- write on my behalf sorry for everyone -- Not deserter traitor -- going to Nepal to see my princess one last time -- before morning coming -- Soldiers' Word -- Truth Alone Triumps -- No password -- write on your Facebook -- all my eCrush and Soul mate all -- no cry -- tell -- ya fear coming hands legs shaking -- blurred vision coming -- going to meet my Mother telling -- if possible bury me according to IslamQA compliant Shariah complaint -- next to my mother's grave in Fujairah, Emirates -- at least in the same periphery -- near mosque adhaan decimal zone -- The Umbilical Cord hasn't been severed not yet not yet -- Your Bediuon Dervish is back Didn't I promise you so Dummy telling -- Air India taking -- ICNR rules for deceased not know -- Maharajah chaperoning with dead soul of an Indian slave. Jai Hind.

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