Monday, July 23, 2018


Decisive / Deciding / Determining factors . . . .

Turbo Button: Yep. There used to be a Turbo Button on IBM compatibles / clones way back in the nineteen-nineties. That's my First Hack as well -- I outsmarted my those-days sidekick in our shanty and outfoxed him on Tetris Game High Scores. My point is: I'm trying to give you an analogy -- We'd tweak our minds like that -- Get into that Problem-solving -- Troubleshooting -- Edward de Bono Mode -- For consistency: Let's call it -- The Turbo Mode.

What'd we learn from the following examples:

Cheetah or any large wildcats:

How do they GET their prey?

1. First thing they do: They SELECT their prey usually from a wide array of -- grazing but ALERT herd.
2. Second: They ISOLATE it.
3. Third:  They ZERO IN ON it single–mindedly. Meaning they DO NOT get DISTRACTED by innumerable preys / targets. They NEVER stray off course.
4. Fourth: Decision-Making: They 'PRE-DECIDE' -- Hunt or just LURK -- Meaning they've QUITE REALISTIC goals based on previous hunting experiences, instincts and situational awareness.
5. Fifth: CHASE. OUTRUN. OVERPOWER. OUTMANEUVER. Last–minute full throttle / thrust / sprint -- Cheetah or any large wildcats / predators -- They JUST KNOW their Prey-Behavior.

The last-minute SPRINT is the decisive/deciding/determining factor. A nanosecond miscalculation means it'd have to starve along with its (Lions/lionesses) pride and swallow its pride, too. Probably they imagine hungry cubs back home and that itself gives them the 'adrenaline rush' in terms of the Animal Kingdom. BUT the same thing is happening with the PREY TOO -- Its defense mechanism doing the same thing: Turbo Mode: Ditto. A fight–or–flight reaction. Predator: Clockwise. Prey: Anticlockwise. -- Countermeasures -- Heightened Senses and everything. Instincts, previous experiences again. Survival instinct / survival mechanism -- Instincts mean chance of survival. Moo! Watch out kiddo -- those beasts are real nasty . . . . cutthroats -- Do you remember our fun and frolic games -- Those were actually our survival tactics in real Department of Defense grade encryption! Moo! Roger that, Dad! You're right -- That one is real slimy! Winking at me surreptitiously! Could I sue him for sexual harassment eh? Any such . . . . Well, duh! The law of the jungle? Juliet's pitiful lament, “alas, poor Romeo, he is already dead!”. Nope, My naive Daisy Bell -- Brutus -- This was the most unkindest cut of all! (Guffaws). Dad, what's hocus–pocus, by the way? DO NOT read The Jungle Times. It's riddled with misinformation! Got it? Dad, how can I bypass proxy servers? Hush! You see those chuckling hyenas -- they're their spies and informers! Dad, why do they make those poor studs wear those sticky blinkers eh? Pssst psst psssssssst! Want to know a secret, Daisy Bell?

By the way, IF Desmond Morris stumbles on my Blog he'd: Phoo-tee-weet?! He'd whistle at me with awe in his eyes! Imagine an awestruck Morris in a thunderstruck Morris car?

LOL Just kidding!


I love to role-play a ludicrously-intrepid but Lilliputian Alexander Selkirk rescuing Dear Enemy: The Celebrity Scribe none other than The Fatima Bhutto on an stranded island from unprecedentedly vicious, cannibalistic Brobdingnagian Uncontacted tribesmen. Relentless, no-holds-barred and knock–down, drag–out skirmishes -- in some of my heroicomic Blog posts -- I write unsolicited rhymes about her -- Someday, she'd surely sue me for spamming her so obstinately on my own obscure and lame Blog! LOL

I write: Monological Blog posts.
I write: Stream-of-consciousness writing style.
I write: Autobiographical and Semiautobiographical self–critical accounts.
I write: Seriocomic, Heroicomic and Tragicomic or Mixed Bag i.e. all these THREE writing styles clubbed into one post.

My point is: You've it in you: Edward de Bono-ism. Get into that HACK MODE. The TURBO MODE. 

Postscript: Tetris lets you do real and true multitasking. You'd chitchat and play concurrently! 

Bye for now.

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