Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Abu Dardaa' (ra) reports that "Allaah's Messenger (saw) stood for prayer and we heard him saying, "I seek refuge in Allaah from you".  Then he said, "I curse you with the curse of Allaah"  three times.  At the same time, he was stretching out his hand, trying to grab hold of something.  When he finished his prayer we said to him: "O Messenger of Allaah! We heard you say something in the prayer which we have never heard from you before and we saw you stretching out your hand".  He said, "That was the enemy of Allaah, Iblees. He came with a flame of fire and tried to throw it in my face.  I said, "I seek refuge in Allah from you" three times and then (I said), "I curse you with the curse of Allaah" three times and he did not hesitate.  Then I desired to capture him.  By Allaah! If it had not been for the supplication of our brother (the Prophet) Sulaymaan, he would have been tied up and the children of Madinah would have played about with him"". (Muslim).

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