Saturday, February 3, 2018

Vashikaran Specialist -- satanism and secret societies

I think there're some terribly deviant people who voluntarily let the demon(s) possess 'em -- or (involuntarily) coerce unsuspecting victims into submission -- i.e. make the devil(s) possess 'em -- These people must be acting solo or belong to some satanic cult(s): spawning ground for satanists. They worship the devil.

These self-proclaimed / self-professed Vashikaran Specialists are so ubiquitous . . . . 

Hypothetical scenario: Just imagine a gung ho and paganized human bot being controlled by a handler -- who's zillions of miles away -- Goose bumps -- Chills -- Hair-raising  righto?  Think of such bots in other domains as well -- For instance: Finance, Defense so on. I think we need psychic interceptors to thwart such attacks. Sci-fi movies stuff -- yeah?

Mind control: Developed nations spend zillions of dollars for Research and development (R&D). But here in our Incredible India: Vashikaran Specialist(s) patiently sit under a banyan tree with their parakeets -- chewing betel leafs -- and, smoking hashish -- quietly waiting for their next patron.

That's all for now, folks. Go back to folklore.

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