Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Definition of hyperthymesia

: the uncommon ability that allows a person to spontaneously recall with great accuracy and detail a vast number of personal events or experiences and their associated dates : HIGHLY SUPERIOR AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL MEMORY

People with hyperthymesia can recall almost every day of their lives in near perfect detail, as well as public events that are personally significant. Those affected describe their memories as uncontrollable associations, so when they come across a date, they "see" a vivid depiction of that day in their heads.

— Miriam Stoppard

Those equipped with hyperthymesia file away in their brains by default a detailed report on each day and can remember them in flawless detail, from news events, conversations they had to what they ate for breakfast. No matter how far removed, if prompted with a date, these individuals are able to pull the appropriate folder out of their mental file cabinet without hesitation.

— William J. Dowd


 An eidetic memory is the ability to remember things in exact detail, as if you can see them in your mind

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

tiger team

In the computer industry, a tiger team is a group of programmers or users who volunteer or are hired to expose errors or security holes in new software or to find out why a computer network's security is being broken. In the U.S. military, a tiger team is a group that is given the job of trying to break through security around a military base or special restricted area.

In hiring or recruiting volunteers for a tiger team, some software developers advise others to be sure that tiger team members don't include crackers, who might use their special knowledge of the software to disable or compromise it in the future.

storm chaser

a person who follows extreme weather events such as violent storms in order to experience, photograph, or study them


to pilot one's airplane in sightseeing flights with passengers or in exhibition stunts in an unscheduled course especially in rural districts